Saturday, July 02, 2005


Sylvester M. Johnson and his merry boys are obviously drinking the booze NOT allowed at live 8 since over 75% of the people I've seen and been near are drinking beer (and other things)! Too bad -- they just don't get it -- you have to enforce all the rules not just the ones you think might make you popular!

The people of PHILADELPHIA are complete and absolute SLOBS there are trash receptacles every where for live 8 and where do they put their trash -- on the GROUND! Please, that is SO obnoxious!

There are lots and lots of people at live 8! It is hot. I got a great T-shirt -- the money supposedly goes to help the poverty in Africa. I hope so!

My cats hate all the noise -- but living this close to the Parkway there is no escape. Jack loves motorcycles! Every time a V.I.P. police escort goes by he wanders out from his hiding space to watch the motorcycles! Very funny kitty.

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