Tuesday, July 19, 2005

(more) RANTS about Philadelphia:

What is this with torturing horses -- it is so hot and humid and they still allow the horse drawn carriages to operate. The horses are miserable and NO ONE does a thing to stop the abuse. My husband refers to me as a bug-hugger and I guess I am. I just hate to see these animals suffer so much for absolutely no reason! Tourism bull-shit!

Philadelphia smells like raw sewage! I walk to and from work everyday and pretty much traverse Center City and it stinks and the hotter it gets, the worse the smell gets. Odors escape from the street drains, people piss and shit on the street, people don't clean up after their pets, the list goes on and on and the city smells worse and worse. Not to mention all the exhaust fumes and people standing around outside smoking -- this is not a pleasant place to be.

City of Philadelphia Water Department: Urban Water Cycle Philadelphia has over 2,960 miles of sewers. That’s enough to stretch from the east to the west coast of the United States. Philadelphia's neighborhoods use a separate sewer system. This system collects and transports sanitary waste to a water pollution control plant in a sanitary sewer. Stormwater is transported to a stream via a storm sewer. Our combined sewers are currently designed so that during heavy storm events, stormwater overflows are diverted to our local streams and rivers. Combined sewers transport a combination of stormwater and sanitary waste. When overflows occur, the water is diverted to waterways instead of going to one of our water pollution control plants where we would normally treat it to remove pollutants and debris.

Doesn't that sound reassuring? All that crap I see and smell is just washing into either the Delaware or the Schuylkill River.

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