Saturday, July 02, 2005


Went for a walk along the Parkway when live 8 ended how sad. The trash was amazing. I talked with total strangers and everyone was commenting on the amount of trash just left on the ground. I found a brand new baby stroller full of baby stuff, lawn chairs, barbeque grills (one with food still cooking), a $10 bill and 2 $1’s, plus lots of change. Another woman found a camcorder, camera bag, and $800. Walking out there made me think that people had suddenly vanished. How could they leave so much behind? I only walked a few blocks but I encountered others who had been walking for a while and everyone was commenting on all the stuff they had found. I talked with some Japanese tourist who could not get over the waste. They were truly astounded.

All my neighbors and I also went out at the end of the concert and cleaned up trash on Pennsylvania Avenue. Everyone who was watching live 8 near here just dumped their trash on the street. I filled eight large garbage bags. Disgusting!

I talked with one of my neighbors and all he kept saying was I have to move, this is so disgusting! Why do we have to put up with this?

Of course one of our “neighbors” also rents his house (Mitch) and the people he rents to are dreadful. They have constant parties, are usually drunk, they spread trash everywhere, and tonight the police chased one of the young men down and gave him a citation for disorderly conduct. You’d think this was the ghetto! Of course Mitch thinks he is so wonderful and that all of us owe him something. Another reason to leave this town!

I was interviewed by the BBC, they probably weren't ready for all my comments. Loved their accents!

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