Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July!

I always miss my Grandfather so much but the 4th of July has such special memories. Every 4th of July he would take me and my Grandmother to Elitch Gardens [Denver] (it was so wonderful when I was a kid not the theme park it has become. But we always spent the afternoon, had a picnic dinner, and then we'd watch the fireworks. It was always special.

I think about my Grandfather so often he died in 1972 but I still think about him almost everyday. Not morbid thoughts just really great memories. He was a wonderful, kind and gentle man. I still have many of his wonderful recipes from his bakery and make them every once in awhile. I've modified many of the recipes so that I can make one cake, one batch of cookies, or one or two loaves of bread -- all of his recipes made very large quanities. I never learned his art of making great pie crusts but I pretty good at everything else. I'd love to own a bakery but it is definitely VERY HARD work!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Elton John is going to perform this evening and so it Pattie Labelle. It is great weather for the concert and the fireworks. Hopefully everyone in the neighborhood stays sane but that is asking a lot considering the nasty renters that live next door, they are so obnoxious. Would you ever think of peeing on your neighbors garage door? Thank you Mitch you are such a pain!

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