Sunday, July 03, 2005


This is the message I just sent to my husband -- I give up!

Okay, I give up!

My contract goes through December. They already told me they will probably want to renew it but that won’t change my mind.

We should decide some things.

Pennsylvania probably isn't as civilized as most states even Virginia will grant a "non-contested" divorce in 6 months. But to get a divorce we can't be living in the same house. So that will have to wait. But if this is going to work it has to be a non-contested divorce -- none of my stuff is your -- none of your stuff is mine. We only split what we own jointly.

The house – we need to get an appraisal. Then sell or one of us buy it from the other.

Household items: decide what is what.

I’ll start working with a moving company – I’d rather be the one to move since I know where I want to go (maybe you do too --but you never tell me anything so I’ll assume this is where you want to be).

I’ll try to be out of here by mid-January depending on the weather where I'm moving.

Also you probably need to communicate this to H.& W. since I have been talking with them about a visit the end of October or early November for your birthday.

Too bad it has to end this way but there is no point in dragging this out any longer!

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