Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Link spam (also called blog spam or comment spam) is a form of spamming or spamdexing that recently became publicized most often when targeting weblogs (or blogs), but also affects wikis (where it is often called wikispam), guestbooks, and online discussion boards. Any web application that displays hyperlinks submitted by visitors or the referring URLs of web visitors may be a target. This is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What a PAIN! Just stop it with the SPAM! What makes you think I'd buy anything you were selling after you clog up my email, my blog, my life with your crap?

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Bill said...

Hi -

The comment spammers don't want you to buy from them. They want to build up the page rank of their Web sites, so that when someone searches Google on "games" or "gambling" or "tee shirts" (just to pick two of your recent comment spammers), their site will come up at or near the top of the list. Your weblong isn't the only one they are picking on -- they're probably polluting dozens, if not thousands, of weblogs in addition to running their own "splogs" (spam weblogs).

Comment spam forced me to shut down all comments on my weblog. I don't have the time to keep going back in and scrubbing all the bogus comments.

All the best,