Sunday, October 30, 2005

It has been ages

Not that it stops most people but I just haven't had that much to say, so why waste my time or anyone else's.

I am sick of the war in Iraq. It is hard to imagine that over 2000 American soldiers have died. Is anyone counting the Iraqi dead? I certainly hope so they all have families and loved ones and their deaths are just as relevant as the American war dead. I just hope that somehow we'll be extricate ourselves from this debacle. I'm sure it will never happen with Bushie in office -- F*ing War-Monger! Interesting sites: What I Did in the War and Political T-Shirts.

I have to try to figure out the new Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage for my father. It might be an improvement but the literature provided by the government isn't very much help. At least he has options since he can afford the cost of his coverage.

Climate Change Your choices about energy use and transportation can have a direct impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and therefore, on reducing the threat of global warming. Specific examples of what individuals can do to reduce energy use at home include purchasing energy efficient appliances, minimizing waste and maximizing product reuse and recycling, purchasing green power where available, reducing daily electricity use, and planting trees (which take CO2 out of the atmosphere). Transportation is another area where the individual can have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions reductions. For every gallon of gasoline burned, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide go into the atmosphere. By walking, taking public transportation, carpooling, and purchasing fuel efficient or alternative fuel vehicles such as gas electric hybrids, we can significantly reduce the amount of gasoline that we use. Purdue Climate Change Research Center


The U.S. EPA has developed several web-based tools to assist individuals, communities and states estimate their greenhouse gas emissions and calculate the emission savings that come with specific reduction strategies. Global Warming - Resource Center Maybe it's just me but I think it is extremely depressing to actually have a site named GLOBAL WARMING - RESOURCE CENTER. The next question do the cretins running the government and major corporations pay any attention to global warming?

I may have to read this:
CHRIST THE LORD: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice (Hardcover/Knopf/Fiction/November, 2005/$25.95)

Do not follow
where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path,
and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


J said...

War?... I like to call it a financial between 2 (or more) corporations...

J said...

^financial agreement... sorry