Friday, September 09, 2005

Greed, stupidity, or both?

Philadelphia looks into some of the stupidest proposal in the world! Car racing on the Parkway would be terrible!

Champ Car World Series Paul Newman and his colleagues still want to hold a high-speed auto race on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. My god in heaven are these people that arrogant that they can think this would be a good idea. I don't mind car races but there is a place for them RACE TRACKS, not city streets. Give me a break! "They" fuck the Parkway with every event known to man and now they want to endanger the buildings, the residents, with something like this. Stop with all the money grabbing and do some positive things for the beautification of the Parkway.

Some of the recommendations needed for the race are at least four pedestrian bridges and the widening of some of the roads to meet Champ Car World Series minimum requirements. These enhancements would do "irreparable damage to all the parkway institutions as well as the parkway itself."

Stewart Graham, a spokesman for Councilman Frank Rizzo, one of the supporters of a Champ Car race, said he thought an agreement could be reached because of the dramatic visual appeal of the parkway. "I think it might be possible to adjust these plans," Graham said. "If it's that attractive, maybe they'll just make adjustments in their proposal."

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