Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another very HOT day

typical guy, atypical situation -- a solid soul trapped inside of a broken body This blog is amazing. Really made me think -- none of us has any guarantee. Make sure you appreciate everyday of your life and enjoy the smallest things in life!!

Some interesting things I came across:

Architecture for Humanity

Recycline was established, first and foremost, to provide high-quality recycled content & recyclable products to our consumers. We strive to make sure that our products introduce a new function – improving upon what is currently offered in the marketplace.

Gone to the Dogs is a surreal comedy about the trials of canine metamorphosis. When wayward Jack retires to the seaside with his wife Rose, he thinks the end is in sight. But he soon discovers that life isn't a one-way ticket. After a fatal heart attack Jack returns to earth as a stray dog and is unwittingly adopted by Rose. So begins Jack's bizarre journey of self-discovery as he struggles with his new existence and finally learns what a good marriage is all about.

Early Children's Books: The Fox Collection at San Francisco Public Library The San Francisco Public Library holds a unique archive for the study of early children's books, which will interest scholars of printing, parents, artists, writers, or anyone curious about the book arts. It wasn't until the eighteenth century that children began to be treated differently from adults and a special class of literature beyond ABCs was provided for them. I would really like to write children's books! I know nothing is stopping me except I don't think I have the talent.

Book lust

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